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Cartoon Chameleon

This is a character that I produced for the game me and my team are producing on placement year. It is a cartoony, anthropomorphic chameleon. I wasn't going for realism, so visually it is a hybrid of a Jackson chameleon and a panther chameleon. I made this design decision because I thought that the Jackson chameleon's triceratops-like horns were very interesting, but I preferred the vibrant colouration of the panther chameleon.

Before I began the Zbrush sculpt, I drew a rough visualization of how I thought that the character should look, including some ideas for clothes it could wear. The end product hasn't really changed much from the initial concept sketch, except for some differences in body proportions, the addition of details such as scales, and more complex markings. While sculpting and texturing I worked from my concept sketch, as well as various photos of chameleons to make sure that I was keeping it relatively accurate.

Chloe mccann 1
Chloe mccann 2
Chloe mccann 3
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Chloe mccann chameleon