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LIFESPAN Character Art

A set of characters that I produced for LIFESPAN, a Quake-inspired arena shooter which my team made for final year group project. They share a body with modular heads, hands and feet. This combined with a wide range of armour colour schemes added variety to the game.

As can be seen from the original concept drawing, the character started off looking quite different, and has gone through several changes, specifically his body shape and armour. For the design of his head I took inspiration from hammerhead sharks; I thought that the eyes being on stalks would be a fun feature, as when he moves they can bounce up and down. (The tone of the game he was made for is not serious at all). The reasoning behind the armour redesign was simply that the armour in the original drawing wasn't science-fiction-esque enough for the groups liking, plus I was struggling to get it to move properly. It also made him look much bulkier, and we decided that he needed to be much more athletic in appearance.

LIFESPAN Character Art

Chloe mccann screenshot027

Beauty render

Chloe mccann a
Chloe mccann b
Chloe mccann e
Chloe mccann f
Chloe mccann g
Chloe mccann h
Chloe mccann c
Chloe mccann d
Chloe mccann concept

Original concept